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How to Join the S.P.A.

How to Join the S.P.A.

S.P.A. is a non-profit organisation that supports branches in Bath & Dorset in Somerset, Which provides a forum for active single people to meet, socialise, and establish a larger circle of friends.

Our Criteria for Membership

✓ To join the S.P.A., you must be over 50, active, single, divorced, or widowed and not in a committed relationship.

✓ Please note that there is no upper age limit, however all members must meet the criteria of being socially active.

✓ All members are actively encouraged to attend weekly, friendly bar nights and organise and engage in a wide spectrum of social events and activities, which are open to all members of the association.

✓ All members are encouraged to organise at least one event each year as their contribution to the association. This is not mandatory, however it would be most welcome. Committee members are always available to help members organise an event.

Our Criteria for Membership

Each S.P.A. branch is managed by a small group of volunteer committee members. Please contact your local representative who is also a committee member. Your representative will then arrange to meet and greet you at the next bar night to answer your questions and introduce you to our local members.

✓ You can attend 3 bar nights at any branch of the S.P.A. before making your final decision as to whether or not you would like to join the S.P.A.

✓ After the 3rd bar night, you must decide if you wish to join the S.P.A. and which branch you would like to join.

✓ The annual membership fee is £30 and our representative will provide you with the details of how this can be paid.

✓ When you join, you will be asked to complete a membership form.

Once you are a member you receive a copy of our constitution and rules, a membership badge, and the monthly newsletter. All members:

✓ Are entitled to participate in S.P.A. activities and attend any, or all if they wish, S.P.A. bar nights

✓  Are requested to follow the simple rules of the association

✓ Are eligible to volunteer as S.P.A. officers on the main committee and branch committees

✓ Have full voting rights at branch elections and S.P.A. AGMs (Annual General Meetings)

✓ Must pay any money due to support an organised event they have said they would attend on time.

Contact us in Bath, Dorset & Somerset to learn more about the S.P.A.