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How to Join S.P.A the South West Social Group for over 40's.

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To join any Branch of S.P.A. Singles Social Group you must be ultimately single. S.P.A IS not a dating group, all social activities where possible should contain 3 people or more.

It is only for active people OVER the age of 40 with no upper limit as long as you are active and not in a committed relationship.

We encourage all members to come to any of our Branch weekly, friendly Social Evenings.

We encourage members to be inclusive and make the most of the opportunties S.P.A. Singles Social Group offers to meet new single people to expand their social circle, make new friends and to get more out life by actively participating in our diverse range of activities and events.

Become a member

To find out more about us your are welcome to attend with no obligation, any of our weekly Branch Social Evenings up to three times. You decide during any of these visits, if you would like to become a member of S.P.A. Singles Group and which Branch you would like to become a member of.

As a member you pay a small annual membership fee of currently £30. We use membership fees to support activities that involve all Branches, such as our Annual Winter Ball, Summer Party, monthly Newsletter and Website. 

We do not leverage any fees for activities and events. You pay the actual cost of any event and activity you choose to participate in.

As a member we ask you to complete a Membership Form and follow our simple rules. You will be given a copy of our Constitution and Rules and receive our Monthly Newsletter, which includes a diary of events and activities for all Branches.

As a social organisation we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are careful in the use of any personal data within the organisation. We only share personal data ( name and contact details) to support the effective organisation and management of our events and activities. For further information please see the S.P.A. Singles Group GDPR Privacy Notice

Members must pay in a timely manner for any event or activity that they sign up for. For example, payment by a specified date to confirm a booking for a day out; payment for a meal in a restaurant at the time the bill is issued.

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Who manages S.P.A.

Our Organization is run by our Members for our Members. Each Branch is managed by a small volunteer Committee of Representatives and the overall organization is managed by a small volunteer Main Committee of S.P.A. Officers which includes the Chair and Vice Chair. Bimonthly Committee Meetings with S.P.A. Officers and Branch Committee Members are held to discuss management issues.

Members are encouraged to organise at least one event each year as their contribution to their S.P.A. Branch programme of activities. This is not mandatory, however it would be most welcome. Committee members are always available to help members organise an event.

Members are welcome to discuss management issues with Branch Committee Members and at the Annual General Meeting and Party (AGM). At the AGM & Party prior to dancing the night away after a buffet supper, the management of S.P.A. is briefly reviewed by the Chair and members can discuss and vote on key management issues. Decisions are taken by majority vote.

Members have full voting rights at our annual Branch elections for Committee Members and our S.P.A. AGM & Party. 

Members are eligible to volunteer for election as S.P.A. Officers on the Main Committee and Branch Committees

Take a Holiday together....

Members can attend any Branch weekly Social Evening and participate in any Branch activity and event unless, participation is limited to Branch only due to the limitation of either numbers or space, such as a member's birthday party at their house.

As single people we know how difficult it can be for some people to approach new groups and go to social events by yourself. Our Branch Representatives will arrange to meet and greet new people and introduce them to members of their Branch. You need never feel alone with the S.P.A. Singles Social Group.

S.P.A Members on a trip to Croatia in 2018.

S.P.A Members on a trip to Croatia

First time nerves....

Our members know how it feels to be worried about trying to mix with a new group of people. Our members are always there to help you become part of a friendly group at our Social Evenings and will welcome you when you participate in any activity or event you wish to undertake.

Our members will tell you that since joining S.P.A. Singles Social Group they have been able to expand their social circle of friends, made life long friends and now enjoy a full and interesting social life. Come and find our for yourself. See TESTIMONIALS