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S.P.A. Singles Social Group is popular throughout the South West. 

Our Branches in Bath, Exeter, Taunton, Wells& Mendip, Weston-Super-Mare and Yeovil have members from Bath, Bristol, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Here you will find out what some of our members have to say about us.

“I enjoy the Exeter Branch S.P.A."

I have made lots of very good friends. It has given me the opportunity to do loads of different things that I wouldn't have done on my own. One of my favourite events so far was the S.P.A. River Cruise and Disco on a summer's evening with members from all the Branches. So much fun! 

Paul -  Exeter

"Wow - what a great social life I now have!"

"I joined S.P.A over 8 years ago, what a difference it has made to my life. Having been on my own for 4 years most evenings were spent sitting at home watching TV, which I still do, but not often. as I am out at least 3 nights a week having an amazing time with all the friends I have made, I have also been to events and places over the years that I would never have done on my own, I have some wonderful memories, and I never need be alone on my Birthday or at Xmas & New Year...so much fun and laughter. Wow... Thank you S.P.A." 

Maz - Glastonbury

“I had no social life until I joined S.P.A. Now its great.”

"I moved into the area in 1997, settled in a new house and job, but had no social life. I saw an advert in the paper for S.P.A, rang the contact number and spoke with a friendly lady who explained all about the S.P.A. I went along to their Social Evening and was introduced to the Group. There seemed to be lots to do and more importantly people to do things with. Membership was only £30 so what is there to lose? I joined. Here I am many years later and still a member, I have made many friends and there are so many activities and events to choose from between the 6 Branches, there is always something fun to do. For me this is the best thing I have ever done, as my diary is never empty. Give it a try and come and join us. What is there to lose?" 

David - Taunton

“Great Way to Meet New People”

I was new to Dorset and did not know anyone. As a widow who was not now tied up with family responsibilities, I just wanted to get out and meet people and create a social life for myself. However, I found this very difficult to do alone. I came across the S.P.A. Single Social Group in Yeovil. They met with me and introduced me to the group who was really friendly.

I have made the most of what S.P.A. has to offer. I have joined in a wide variety of activities organised by each of the six Branches, such as disco, live music, and themed-dancing nights out, music events, parties, Ball, BBQs, cinema, theatre, excellent walks, National Trust visits, and great lunches and dinners. Always with a fun, friendly crowd. We are good friends, laugh a lot and enjoy ourselves." 

Maggie - Sherborne

“Transform Your Life for the Better!”

“In September 2007 I moved to a new home in Weston-super-Mare after selling my business in Clevedon, which I had run for 30 years, to be nearer to my daughters. I had made numerous friends in Clevedon but hardly knew anyone in Weston. I wanted to meet people and make new friends. I spotted an advertisement in the local newspaper for S.P.A. and made contact by telephone. I arranged to go along to their Social Evening, although I have to admit I felt very nervous and put it off for a few weeks. I eventually plucked up enough courage and attended after arranging to meet the membership co-ordinator.

I was made very welcome, introduced to members present that evening and was even invited to a dance the following weekend. As a result, I joined S.P.A., made many new friends very quickly, and have made many, many more since those early days. I have also lost count of the numerous social events I have enjoyed during that time too!! If you are sociable and single for whatever reason, then I would urge you to follow my lead. Be brave, contact your local Branch of the S.P.A., and transform your life for the better!!” 

Rob - Weston

"I’m having the time of my life and you could to!"

"11 years ago I found myself single after a long marriage. I had my family, my work, 2 golden retrievers and lots of friends but going to functions I always felt uncomfortable as my friends were all married. I came across an advertisement in our local newspaper for S.P.A. I felt nothing ventured, nothing gained, so went along. When I walked through the door I was made very welcome and was surprised to hear about the number of events they had in their diary to suit all tastes. From that day, 9 years ago I haven’t looked back. I have met some wonderful people, been on some fabulous holidays, and had many weekends away in addition to participating in a variety of events every single week. My life is very busy, I am never bored and I’ve made some great friendships. Thank you S.P.A."

Jackie - Street

“Meet interesting people”

“Fun and easy to participate in many Interesting events”

“Joining S.P.A. has enabled me to meet other single people and make new friends. It is fun and easy to participate in many interesting events covering a wide spectrum of activities."

Martyn - Bath

“A life changed and enriched”

“I walked through the door of the Tramways club, Wells in August 2017 to accompany a friend of mine who had become a member of the S.P.A single social group. I encountered a large group of happy, friendly and welcoming people gathered to enjoy each other’s company. I found this group planned and carried out events of all sorts ranging from Beetle Drives to holidays abroad. Of course I then became involved myself and my life has become, quite suddenly, changed and enriched. I am now a proud member of a family of lovely people where doors of opportunities open all around us."

Neil. (Wells)

“Good friends and fun events”

“I am so pleased to be a member of S.P.A. it's great to have a regular Tuesday evening meet-up in the diary as well as a diary full of great events to look forward to".

Sue H. Exeter

“Put on your dancing shoes and have fun”

“I lost my partner several years ago, and spent every night in front of the television feeling sorry for myself, then a friend invited me to join S.P.A I take part in as many of the organised events as I can, and a group of us now go jive dancing every week. My life has turned around and I don't have any time for TV. Since joining the group, I've been to events and visited places I'd never thought about doing before. Everybody in S.P.A are so friendly and are now like a second family to me".

Tim (Wells)

“Has given me the confidence to meet new people”

Arriving in Exeter as a single lady in a 'foreign' city SPA members welcomed me in. I have been able to explore many beautiful areas of the southwest with a lively group of people. Eating out, cinema and theatre nights never have to be done alone. Inter-branch 'Balls' music events and dances gives me the chance to glam up, dance the night away and widen my social network. I have been inspired by the other single members and their zest for living life to the full! I am so glad I made that phone call!"

Jan - Exeter

S.P.A. has given me the confidence to meet new people, make new friends, and join in activities I would not attend alone. I also get to meet lovely people to share bars of chocolate and laugh with. 

Doug - Taunton

"There is always people to meet and something to look forward to"

I joined three years ago to develop a social life and make new friends with people who were in a similar situation as myself, - lonely. I enjoy the fact you can attend various functions with the group, who are always supportive, fun, and understanding. The friendships formed enables you to join in a broad range of activities. There is always something to look forward to. 

Gilly - Yeovil

“Enjoy the Wednesday chit chat, plus the various Events”

“As a newcomer to your delightful part of the world, I discovered S.P.A. Within a few weeks I had met an assortment of wonderful, charismatic, and colourful people. Needless to say I enjoy the Wednesday chit-chat plus the various events. I'll look forward to many more years of S.P.A. fun and jollification."

Paul -  Sherborne

"I joned SPA so that i could naturally meet folk from all walks of life and expand my social life, and not as a dating venue. I am now married as by chance I met a great partner at S.P.A. Although married couples cannot attend the S.P.A we are invited to attend some Social Evenings and the the big events organized by the Branches, like the Winter Ball. We always keep in touch with the friends we have made. I highly recommend it."

A friend of S.P.A.

“S.P.A. Has Made All the Difference to My Life”

"Here comes a time in your life when you walk away from all the drama and the people that create it. I was however, lonely and my friend Graham said come join our S.P.A. group as it is friendly and fun. I needed to get my life back on track and since I joined the S.P.A. I haven't looked back - there is no more hiding.

I was welcomed with open arms that day way back in January, a number of years ago. The ‘hellos’ from different people were almost in harmony. My social life is buzzing now. I have met so many friends. There are coffee mornings, discos, the lovely evening meals out, BBQs, and fancy dress parties, or just a simple walk somewhere with friends and a chat. There is no end of activities that you can join in that suit you and your budget.

Marilyn, Weston-super-Mare

Contact your local Branch Representative to attend our free no obligation social evenings to find out more about us