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Our groups are popular throughout the south west and are a great place for you to turn for memorable days and nights.  Here are just some of the comments  from our members ; 

“Have Met Some Really Interesting People”

“I am coming up to my third year as a member of S.P.A. It was the start of a new chapter in my life. I met two other ladies at Wells Bus Station who have become very good friends. They introduced me to S.P.A. and I haven’t looked back. They are still members.

I had been widowed for four years. They told me all about the things S.P.A. offer a single person, such as visits to the cinema, theatre trips, holidays, walking, skittles, and National Trust visits. There are two balls a year where we get a chance to meet other members from the other branches we cover in the South West. We have an annual general meeting.

There are regular weekly bar nights where we mix and mingle with other members including men and women from all walks of life. I have met some really interesting people and had the opportunity to do a lot of things I wouldn’t have done without being a member of S.P.A. I can recommend it to anyone who is single and male or female who isn’t necessarily looking for a dating agency but wants to make new friends”

Anne-Marie S

Wells and Mendip

I moved into the area in 1997 and eventually was sett;ed in a new house and job, but i had no social life. I saw an advert in the paper of S.P.A which sounded interesting. When the time was right i looked up the advert again and rang the contact number. The lady explained all about the S.P.A to me so i went along to their bar night and met a few people it's only £30 and what is there to lose. Here we are many years later and still a member because there are so many activities and events to choose from between 6 branches.

For me this is the best thing i have ever done, as my diary has always has something in it with S.P.A. whether it be a walk,meal out,a quiz or skittles. Give it a try and come and join us.What is there to loose?



“Transform Your Life for the Better!”

“In September 2007 I moved to a new home in Weston-super-Mare after selling my business in Clevedon, which I had run for 30 years, to be nearer to my daughters. I had made numerous friends in Clevedon during those years but hardly knew anyone in Weston so, as I was always very socially active and single, set out to find a way to make new friends.

Almost immediately I spotted an advertisement in the local free newspaper for S.P.A. Weston branch and made contact by telephone. I arranged to go along to their bar night at a Weston hotel, although I have to admit I felt very nervous and put it off for a few weeks. I eventually plucked up enough courage and attended after arranging to meet the membership co-ordinator.

I was made very welcome and introduced to a number of the members present that evening and was even invited to a dance the following weekend as a couple of members were looking for a lift!! 

As a result, I joined S.P.A., made many new friends very quickly, and have made many, many more since those early days. I have also lost count of the numerous social events I have enjoyed during that time too!!

If you are sociable and single for whatever reason, then I would urge you to follow my lead. Be brave, contact your local branch of the S.P.A., and hopefully transform your life for the better!!”

Rob Weston 

“Great Way to Meet New People”

“I was new to Dorset and did not know anyone. It was hard to go out and meet people alone so I found the S.P.A. They met with me and introduced me to the group who was really friendly. I have now been a member for four years and it has been a great way to get about and about and meet new people and make new friends.

I have also joined in a wide variety of activities organised by each of the six branches, such as disco, live music, and themed-dancing nights out, music events, parties, BBQs, cinema, theatre, excellent walks, National Trust visits, and great lunches and dinners. Always with a fun, friendly crowd. We have a good laugh.”

Maggie Yeovil

I  joned SPA so that i could naturally meet folk from all walks of life for varied activities and not as a dating venue. I am now married as by accident met a great partner at S.P.A.

Married couples do not attend the S.P.A but we are invited to attend the big events like the winter and summer ball so we can meet up with old friends. I highly recommend it. A friend of S.P.A.


“Has Given Me the Confidence to Meet New People”

“S.P.A. has given me the confidence to meet new people, make new friends, and join in activities I would not attend alone. I also get to meet lovely people to share bars of chocolate and laugh with.”

Doug Taunton

“There is Always Something to Look Forward to”

“I joined three years ago to develop a social life and make new friends with people who were in a similar situation as myself. I enjoy the fact you can attend various functions with the group, who are always supportive, fun, and understanding. The friendship formed enables you to join in a broad range of activities. There is always something to look forward to”

Gilly Yeovil

“Fun and Easy to Participate in Many Interesting Events”

“Joining S.P.A. has enabled me to meet other single people and make new friends. It is fun and easy to participate in many interesting events covering a wide spectrum of activities”

Martyn, Bath

“Enjoy the Wednesday Chit-Chat plus the Various Events”

“As a newcomer to your delightful part of the world, I discovered S.P.A. Within a few weeks I had met an assortment of wonderful, charismatic, and colourful people. Needless to say I enjoy the Wednesday chit-chat plus the various events. I'll look forward to many more years of S.P.A. fun and jollification.”

Paul, Sherborne

“S.P.A. Has Made All the Difference to My Life”

“There comes a time in your life when you walk away from all the drama and the people that create it. I was however, lonely and my friend Graham said come join our S.P.A. group as it is friendly and fun. I needed to get my life back on track and since I joined the S.P.A. I haven't looked back - there is no more hiding.

I was welcomed with open arms that day way back in January. The ‘hellos’ from different people were almost in harmony. My social life is buzzing now. I have met so many friends. There are coffee mornings, discos, the lovely evening meals out, BBQs, and fancy dress parties, or just a simple walk somewhere with friends and a chat. There is no end of activities that you can join in that suit you and your budget.

S.P.A. has made all the difference to my life. I will never look back. So come on folks, come join our group. I'm sure you won't regret it. Get out there and live your life - join the fun and laughter! I have no regrets (just sometimes the morning after)!”

Marilyn, Weston-super-Mare

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