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Constitution and Rules

Constitution and Rules

S.P.A. has been established for many years and offers single people over forty in the south west the chance to discover new friends. Our goal is to provide a warm,welcoming environment as well as the opportunity for people to join in a variety of activities and have fun.

Our Constitution

Here is an outline of the details of our constitution. 

• Contains the fundamental principles that govern the purpose, operation, and management of the association to ensure that it acts fairly and equitable on behalf of its membership to achieve its stated objectives.

• Enables the members and potential members to have a better understanding of what the association is all about and how the association functions.

• Provides both a framework to define the role and responsibility of members to the association and a framework to define the transparent operation and management of the association for the membership.

Rules of the S.P.A.

Our rules are simple and provide operational guidance to the articles of our constitution. The rules enable members to understand their rights and responsibilities as well as how the association is organised and managed for the benefit of all members.

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