S.P.A Anniversary Party article

S.P.A 40th Anniversary Party 2019

S.P.A. Celebrating 40 years of providing a friendly forum for single people to socialise, broaden their circle of friends and get more out of life. 

Our 6 Branches worked together to ensure that our 40th Anniversary has been celebrated across the South West of England: Bath and Wilts; Exeter; Taunton; Wells and Mendip; Weston-Super Mare and, Yeovil

So far this year we have had superb celebrations that embody all the great and wonderful attributes of an organisation which for over 40 years has been helping single people get more laughter, fun and friendship in their lives. (Add picture Ball 2 and Photo 04)

Winter Black Tie Ball was our first all Branch major event at the Shrubbery in Ilminster on a wet and windy evening in February. In our black ties and glamourous dresses, we left the dreary winter behind and kicked off our 40th Anniversary events in style. It was a fantastic evening of laughter, entertainment and dancing the night away. (ADD PICTURES)

River Cruise BBQ and Disco along the River Ex was yet another a 40th celebration and was a fantastic night out. (GEOFF MAY HAVE PICTURES)

Summer party was held on a glorious warm July summer evening at the Walton Park Hotel in Clevedon. A wonderful evening of laughter, fun, and friendship. (ADD PHOTO 04)

Our Summer Ball started with a welcome drink giving members the time to meander around exploring our beautiful surroundings while meeting, greeting and catching up with other members. While we finished our coffee and chocolates after a very tasty and generous buffet supper, our Chairperson held a raffle in which many won prizes. Those that were not lucky enough benefited when our friends passed the chocolates and wine they had won around the table. (ADD PICTURES)


This little respite after a very enjoyable meal gave us time to study all the great 1970s costumes some members had been brave enough to haul out of their wardrobes/attics to mark this auspicious occasion. The costumes were great and certainly took us back in time, however, our “Dancing Queen” Maz and Gail won the competition and lived up to their “alta egos” throughout the night. (ADD PICTURES)

The soft background music changed tempo and soon spacious dance floor was filled with members laughing and dancing the night away. The music was excellent spanning the four decades of S.P.A. - 70s up to the 2010+. There was something for everyone. No one noticed the time passing and were surprised when we were told our chariots await. (ADD PICTURES)

The next day a ‘Summer cruise on foot’ to blow after-party cobwebs away was organised by Wells & Mendip for members that stayed at the hotel. It was a beautiful day. We were bathed in sunshine as we meandered across the scenic nature reserve at Walton Common. There was no hurry and we had the time to absorb the beauty of the wildflowers and butterflies, as we went along. We then dropped down to wander along the coastal path admiring the magnificent views of the clear blue sea and beautiful cliffs back to the hotel for a well-deserved drink and lunch.

The celebration continues with our all Branch Supper Party and Disco at our AGM in October; our monthly programme of activities and events; and, of course our individual Christmas and New Year Parties. Come and join us!

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